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Discover Kerala

When you dream about Virgin, Tranquil& Solitary Life moments , then there is no second thought other than " Kerala". . 
Listed as one of the top 50 Tourist Destinations in the Globe, Kerala still stand alone with its unique offerings in Ayurveda and Backwaters . 
Hearty welcome to this Green magical Land with its never ending offerings! 
Rembember,.Kerala is not a complete destnation till you visit it! Click Here..

Kerala Beach Tour

Long, pristine beaches are among the major attractions. Largely deserted, these beautiful sand-strips are ideal for surfers and sun-worshippers. Palm-fringed and inviting, these breath-taking beaches offer a different flavour of sun, sand and sea. Click Here...

Kerala Wild & Hilly Tour

The forests of Kerala are home to rare and magnificent wildlife like the wild elephant, tiger, panther, Indian bison and Nilgiri tahr. A visit to the sanctuaries of this southern state of India has few equals for a scenic and wildlife viewing experience Click Here..

Kerala Backwater Tour

Beautiful backwaters criss-cross Kerala. Exploring life in the banks of these waterways while traveling in well-equipped houseboats is an experience of a lifetime. The tranquil waters, green landscapes, and the smiles on the faces of local children as you pass them by can kindle pure bliss in you. Click Here...

Kerala Nature Tour

Kerala is a land of great natural beauty. From the majestic heights of the Western Ghats the country undulates westward presenting a vista of silent valleys clothed in the richest green. Among the many rivers that glide across the plains to merge their waters with the Arabian sea, the more important are the Periyar, the Pamba and the Bharatha puzha. The elegant waterfalls at Athirampally near Trichur is a popular tourist spot. Along the coast, sand dunes shelter a linked chain of lagoons and backwaters the still waters of which are studded with sea-gulls and country canoes plying at a snails pace. The silence of the clear skies is broken only by the coos of koels, a type of cuckoo, and the frequent flutter of cranes perched on the embankments. The highest peak of peninsular India Annai Mudi is located in this state. Click Here...